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Monuments of Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg Cathedral

    "A delicate and gigantic marvel", according to Victor Hugo himself. This architectonic beauty displays Gothic Architecture (though many parts of it still on display Romanesque architecture).

    It is also known as Our Lady of Strasbourg Cathedral or Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg in French. The initial style of the cathedral was Romanesque and it started in 1176 but then the rest of the construction radically changed in 1225 when a team from Chartres decided to build it in a Gothic style. It was Erwin von Steinbach who contributed the most in its building starting 1277.

  • Barrage Vauban

    This weir was built at the end of the 17th century, around 1690, and it was built on the River Ill. It was designed by Vauban, as ordered by King Louis XIV and It´s main function was to support the town security by blocking the pass of enemy boats by lowering iron gates. It was possible to regulate the water level in order to slow troops down. It offers a spectacular view of the Petit France and the cathedral from its terraces as well as sculptures (some of them replicas) that are on display in the main level.

  • Saint-Thomas Church

    This culturally and socially important church has been declared a Historical Monument by the French Government. It is considered the most important Protestant Church. It is also known as the “Protestant Cathedral” or the “Old Lady” Church and it is very popular for its organs and Gothic styles.

    This church is very popular because of its tombstones and tombs, also because of the Saint Michael fresco in exhibition.

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