France travel guide


France Travel Guide

Top 5 Places to Visit In Europe

While it seems like only a matter of time until the UK and the rest of Europe go their separate ways, which is not to say that this should impact the tourist trade. The beauty of Europe is that it offers us Brits the chance to explore a wide variety of beautiful countries and destinations on a limited budget and without having to suffer from jet-lag! Europe has everything a traveller of any age could want; fascinating history, beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife and picturesque nature. Why not take this time to make the most of cheap international flights and EHIC benefits by seeing a little bit more of Europe? While cities like Paris and Amsterdam are incredible in their own ways, there are a few other, alternative European destinations that deserve a look in!

1. Mont Saint-Michel, France

Almost like something out of a fairy-tale, the impressive rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel can be found rising out of the mud just off of France’s coast in Normandy. The island’s medieval castle has long been attracting history buffs that are looking for a truly unique insight into the medieval world of which it was built.

2. Gozo, Malta

Located a mere 25 miles from Malta, the small island of Gozo makes up one of the many islands part of the Maltese archipelago and makes for a unique day trip in the very least. Gozo offers stunning scenery, fabulous food and a rich and diverse culture, which is why it is just as popular with the Maltese as it is with tourists. Take to the very highest point of the island- the Cittadella – where you will be met with unparalleled, 360 degree views of the island.

3. Riga, Latvia

Riga is the largest city of all the Baltic States yet remains consistently overlooked when it comes to tourist numbers. Riga has a history and heritage that is rich and colourful, from its unique old town to its pretty art nouveau districts. The city was named the European city of culture in 2014 and should be celebrated for offering affordable and memorable holidays to those who are open minded and looking for a new place in Europe to explore.

4. Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is perfectly situated among other popular European countries but is technically not a part of Europe (despite competing in Eurovision each year). From strolling through Tbilisi’s old town to exploring quaint churches and chilling in hip cafés and bars, Georgia has never sounded more inviting.

5. Krakow, Poland

The old Polish capital of Krakow is filled with stunning Jewish buildings, rooftop bars and high quality restaurants which are making this part of Europe up and coming when it comes to being affluent and extravagant. What can be better than combining old historic influences with up and coming design and modernity?

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