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Le Bon Vivre

This restaurant is situated in an 18th century mansion. The menu offers traditional French cuisine, for example, macaroni stuffed with flat mushrooms, truffles and foie gras.
15Bis place Wilson
Tel : 05 61 23 07 17

Le Brasserie de l'Opéra

A very elegant venue with great service and in addition to the main dishes the desserts are delicious. This restaurant also has a good selection of wines.
1, place du Capitole
Tel. 05 61 21 37 03

Le Beaucoup

Le Beaucoup is a café, bar, restaurant and has a beautiful atmosphere and a very elegant and modern décor.
9, place du Pont neuf
Tel. 05 61 12 39 29

Le 19

Located near the river Garonne and the Pont Neuf bridge, in the heart of old Toulouse. Some of the dishes served here are Foie Gras Prepared in Chicken Stock, Port Jelly and toast, Wild Sea Bass Flavoured with Liquorice and Grilled Spring Vegetables. And for dessert Rich Chocolate Gateau with Pistachio Sauce and Almond Milk.
19 descente de la Halle aux Poissons
Tel. : 05 34 31 94 84

Du Plaisir a la Togue

This restaurant is located near the river and serves a variety of dishes from duck, seafood, steaks, and foie gras. The service is also very good.
9 Rue des Blanchers
Tel. 05 61 21 88 94

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