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Monuments of Toulouse

  • Capitol of Toulouse

    Built by the magistrates, the first and original building was constructed at the end of the 12th century to be a government building and it has been redesigned many times. It currently serves as the town hall of Toulouse.

    Its name is related to the Roman Capitol, its Neo classical design comes from 18th century and some areas inside it come from the 16th century. Interesting facts about the Capitol de Toulouse are that Duke de Montmorency was decapitated in its courtyard and Jean Calas was interrogated in its bell tower.

  • Roman Amphitheatre of Toulouse

    This Gladiator Arena (also called “Purpan Roman Amphitheatre”) was built in the middle of the 1st century, together with the rest of Roman buildings in the area and it was used for over 300 years.
    It can be seen as the only ancient building that can be seen entirely standing in the city of Toulouse and, of course, there are many guided tours available so you get a clear idea of its history and value.

  • Canal du Midi

    Registered by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this canal has a total of 240 km length and it joins Etang de Thau River with the Garonne River, and the main idea of its construction was to shorten the distance between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

    The possibility of building this canal was long discussed but the project never started because of the difficulty of it. It was under the ruling of Louis XVI that the construction started in 1666. It has gone through different modifications in order to make it work better, for an instance: When created it had only three aqueducts, nowadays it has 40.

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