France travel guide


France Travel Guide

Where to go and When

France is very touristy country. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants, bars, museums, and other touristy places, and they are cheaper than in other European destinations. There is a lot of information about France, either if you are planning to travel or if you are already there. You can read travel guides online or contact a travel agency and if you are there you will find many tourist offices that can provide you with any information you might need.

Transport services are good enough, especially when you travel by train. You will find a comfortable environment, with restaurants and other places where you can relax. Cyclists are highly thought of in France and there is even a city, La Rochelle where you can ride a bike free of charge. Part of the The Tour of France,the cycling event where only the best participate, takes place in Paris.

If you are a skier you should go between November and May. The Pyrenees mountains are less crowded and less expensive than other resorts in the winter season. Between May and October you can go to the Mediterranean beaches of France. They are more crowded in July and August, but you will still enjoy yourself. Cannes and Nice have France's best beaches, they are all surrounded by cafés and restaurants that complete a beautiful sunny day. Don't forget to visit the Island of Corsica the best place to practice water sports. Sandy beaches, water sports, excellent food and reasonable prices are a good option for a relaxing holiday.

There are also museums like the Louvre in Paris which is open all year round, and other monuments like churches, cathedrals and châteaux. France is a country rich in architecture and you will find a lot to see across all the country. France is definitely a good destination to visit.

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