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Work & Study in France

The requirements necessary to work in France are not complicated, you just have to follow some rules and present some documents. If a French company wants to hire a non-national it's necessary to have an authorization from the French Ministry of Labour. This document is a very important prerequisite for a long stay if you are an American worker in France. After approval this authorization is sent to the Office des Migrations Internationales and then forwarded to the appropriate French Consulate in the U.S.. The applicant is notified and then he or she is able to follow the visa formalities. Finally, it is necessary to apply for a residence card.

   Ministry of Labour
   Service de la Main d'Oeuvre Etrangère
   127 Boulevard de la Villette, 75010 Paris
   Tel: 1-44-84-42-86

A temporary employment contract is when the contract can't be more than 18 months, and has to be renewed once. A fixed term contract doesn't have an exact work period, it must be declared in the contract in writing. When you are working for a French company you will have a permanent contract which should include like: date of employment, social security details, position of work, the company details, renumeration and the period of work.

Au pair programmes are very well known and are useful for foreign students in France who want to work. The au pair usually lives in the family's home and receives a salary to cover language classes, and a French Social insurance. You must be between eigthteen and thirty years of age, be single, and the period of stay is from three or six months to 18 months duration

The French Government offers many facilities for non nationals who want to study in France, but it is necessary to obtain an authorization from the French Ministry of Labour . You can study and work at the same time, it's only possible for students who don't have the economic resources to support their studies. This permission is valid for three months and can be renewed with any evidence of continuing studies.

There are also American university-sponsored programs in France which are available in summer periods, a semester or an academic year. To apply for these programs a good level of the French language is necessary. They are usually expensive but do offer some benefits, the most important one being, you can transfer your credits from French universities to American ones.

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