If you’re looking for the best places for casual dating in France, here are the perfect places for you.

From the Alps to the French Riviera, couples looking for a honeymoon destination or a perfect summer vacation will find romantic destinations that suit them.

There are many good cities in Europe that are worth exploring in cold weather. So if you’re looking for the best cities to visit in France in winter, be sure to dress appropriately!

Whether you’re a couple looking for romantic places to visit, or just want to do romantic things in the city of love, we hope this post inspires you and shows you that it’s doable for you and your date.


We’re packing our list of the best places to meet girls in Paris with our dating guide, so enjoy your time here, and if you’re looking forward to meeting a girl, here’s all the information you need.

Paris, commonly referred to as France’s oldest city, is also a city to visit when you’re done with the charm of Paris. It is certainly one of the best cities in France to visit in winter to experience the magic of music.

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O Chateau

O Chateau is a beautiful wine bar just five minutes from the Louvre, and a glass or two of wine would be a fantastic evening. How to get there: O Chatesau is just a few steps from the Louvre. For couples visiting the city on a romantic getaway, this would be a perfect date destination.

Cite de la Marais

The Cite de la Marais, a café and bar where you can enjoy a drink, is beautifully located within walking distance of the Champs-Elysees. It is also a great place to explore the Marai, Montmartre and Champ Elysees, as well as the Grand Palais. 

Le Jules Verne

Eating at Le Jules Verne is another romantic thing to do for couples in Paris. 


The sunny beaches of Aquitaine are ideal for lazy relaxation and are therefore a good place to visit in the summer.

Avignon Cathedral

If you want to shake things up a little, Avignon Cathedral is one of the best places to go for more history and then a few, and a great place for a romantic dinner.


Lyon can be considered one of the best places in France in winter, due to the museums and silk shops you visit.


Angelina, located on Rue de Rivoli near the Louvre, is one of the best places in Paris to spend a romantic date with your loved one, especially in the summer months.

Attend Show or Play

If you’re a couple in Paris looking for fun and romantic things, attending a show, film, play or theatre can be one of them. Alternatively, you can spend a romantic night in Paris and watch a fun – filled – cabaret show with your loved ones.

One of the most popular places to see cabaret performances is Moulin Rouge Paris, but equally interesting are the shows on the Champs-Elysees, the Grand Palais and Place de la Republique.

French Holidays

You can treat yourself to the French holidays, which coincide with good French festivals. This is also a good reason to travel to this country and experience French cuisine and culture.

A great way to sample some of the best dishes in Paris is a culinary tour with a local guide that will take you to some good places in the city. 

Go On A Picnic

From well-kept parks to breathtaking sights and an atmosphere of love, there are many places to picnic with your loved one in France, whether in the park, in the mountains or on the beach.

So grab a picnic basket with your loved ones in Paris, drop by and visit one of the above mentioned romantic places in Paris or head to Nantes. The best way to get to it is by TGV to Paris and get off at Nanteres.