Many French people spend their free time visiting museums and attending to art events. There are many streets in some regions, specially in Paris, where you will be able to find a painter to paint your portrait, another of the reasons the French are proud of their country and heritage.

In 450 B.C the development of Celtic Art was seen in France. This kind of art included a variety of styles, and elements from other countries. It was ornamental, and often involved complex symbolism. It didn’t use straight lines and symmetry was only used occasionally. This type of art drew on native, classical and perhaps, Mediterranean and oriental sources.

The Franks dynasty had its own art style which was called Merovingian. It was developed between the fifth and eighth century. This art style brought about important changes in French art. Carolingian art belonged to king Charles Martel who was king, from 750 to 900 and also in the reigns of Pippin the Younger, Charlemagne, and his immediate heirs-popularly known as the Carolingian Renaissance or the Pre-Romanesque period.

The Romanesque art style is representative of Western Europe, and had few influences from Italian art. Sculpture had influences from the Byzantine, early Christian sculpture, and other elements from Middle East countries. The most important sculptures are those located at the monastery of Saint Gall, apart from that there are more examples such as those in the Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne and the Standing Prophet at Moissac.

Romanesque art was mostly characterized by scenes from biblical history on their monumental doors, candle holders and baptismal fonts. French churches in Provence, Burgundy, and Aquitaine were decorated with sculptures adorning the statues and the facades.

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