Dijon was once the historical capital of Burgundy and so several magnificent museums can be found in this city. The Art museum in the Dukes’ Palace (the Musée des Beaux Arts) is one of the oldest and richest museums in France. The Dukes used to live here and some of their tombs can also be found here. The Magnin museum, a 17th century building, and also many churches and cathedrals for example St. Benigne, Nortre-Dame, St. Etienne, and St. Michel, show visitors the different architectural styles such as the Gothic, Renaissance and Capetian.

The ancient buildings in this city are still beautiful and well conserved after the Franco-Prussian War. The greater part of these buildings date from the 12th to the 15th century. As Dijon is very famous for its mustard, you can visit the Musée de la Moutarde, where you can learn about the history of mustard.

Other on of Dijon’s attractions is the 18th century triumphal arch of Porte Guillaume, which is located at the east of the church of Saint Michel. From here, there are only a 15 minute walk to get to many other interesting places in this city.