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France has been for over 500 years one of the most powerful and most advanced countries in Europe and the world, it went through many changes and events and some of them really changed the history of the entire world.

It is a fact that most of people have heard about the French revolution, the Treaty of Versailles or Napoleon, but this country is not only that, there is so much to learn and enjoy, on our travel guide you will find really useful and important information about France, places to visit, history, accommodation in many cities and more. If you are visiting France for the first time, be assured that you will find lots of things to do in Paris.

Over the years, Europe developed many areas of the human knowledge, music, art, films and France was of course on par to this development. Our travel guide offers information to learn more and find interesting facts, as the written below, about each one of the main destinations in this country; you can read the following, as an example:

  • Paris, the French capital, is the home of some of the most important monuments and world masterpieces ever created, there you can find the Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum, the Champs-Élysées and so much more.
  • Cannes on the other hand, is much known for being a lovely resort and also the host of the Festival of Cannes.
  • Bordeaux economy is based on the wine production, and we should know that all the wine produced in the region called Bordelais is known as Bordeaux wine.
  • Avignon was the home of several popes and also antipopes, it used to be the commercial capital of France.
  • Nice is one of the main tourist destinations because of its amazing beaches, landscapes and almost 300 sunny days during a year.
  • Saint Tropez is known for being the destination of famous people, and also for being expensive.

What to see

Eiffel Tower, Paris There are many attractions all over the French territory, to the west you can find the Atlantic Ocean and incredible beaches, to the east some of the main wine producing cities, to the south one of the most world known cities, Cannes, and to the north the English channel. But this is not all, there are very important tourist destinations known all over the world that attract millions of visitors yearly, for example, the Euro Disney and all the theme parks, here you will have handy all the info you may need to visit this amazing places, navigate through our website and find out all we have for you.

Do you know which airlines can take you to, for example, Lyon, Marseille or Toulouse? Or which buses you can take to get around the different cities? No problem, we have that info and much more, find out which are the places we consider that are a must for visitors and tourists, find out how much you will pay for different stuff according to the city you are visiting, find out about hotels in Marseille, Bordeaux or Paris and also learn about important facts and dates of this country and its cities.

Remember that when we talk about France, we do not only talk about Paris, the Eiffel tower or Napoleon, we also talk about all of its cities, their history, either those that are into the continental area or not. On this travel guide you will find plenty of information about the most important cities in France, we think of you, that is why we put at your disposal information that is going to be useful for you, either you are currently planning your visit or you are visiting this country, browse through our website and make of your visit to France an even better experience.

Top Destinations



It is impossible not to fall in love with Paris.


The capital of the Riviera and fifth largest city in France.


Popular for its beaches and Cannes Film Festival.



One of the major artistic centres of France.


Bordeaux, associated with the quality of its wines.


Strasbourg owes both its name - "the city of the roads".

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